Taste of Recovery


For a really long time I felt like I was having to figure out what the things were that I could be doing to make myself feel better all by myself. I don’t want you to be feeling lost that way too. So, I’ve collected and curated the things that I think will be the MOST USEFUL for you in your recovery.

These techniques are drawn from my years of one-to-one counselling, group therapy, psychiatric treatment, my coaching training, my neuro-linguistic programming skills, and my extensive reading over all the years of my recovery path. I’m confident your recovery path can be short-circuited, and that by applying these lessons you will feel more in control and on the way to feeling much better.

When we’re struggling with the every day, when we’re holding onto a lot of self-blame and shame, when we’re feeling at war with ourselves with the panic attacks and lack of sleep, even surviving can feel like an uphill struggle. We’re coping, but we’re coping by numbing our emotions and as we can’t selectively numb our emotions, we’re closing ourselves off to joy and laughter as well. We’re coping, but we’re coping by choosing to stay home, and not venture out where we might be unsafe, where others might judge us, where we can’t be in control our surroundings. We’re coping, but we’re frightened that one day we might not. We’re coping but we’re living a very narrow life.

You want more. I know I did.

Rape does not need to be a life sentence.

Let me guide you to the start of your ReConnected Life.


  • 15 mini-classes, covering material from the 3 parts of Recovery: Response, Rescue, and Resilience
  • Almost 4 hours of video content – also available as audio-only downloads
  • Over 40 different techniques or tips
  • A downloadable and printable workbook each week
  • Creation of your own safe place meditation with personalised mantra
  • Daily rituals records templates
  • Lifetime access to the learning


  • Deep-dive into 5 mind-body practices: grounding, breathing, sleeping, mindfulness, and music

Taste of Recovery has been licensed by multiple charities, which means that they are able to offer it to their clients for free – so that when waiting for help on a wait list, there is help available. They are also using the content with existing clients, and in sessions and discussion groups.

To date, Taste of Recovery has been licensed by: RSVP, Trust House Lancashire, Axis Counselling, SARAC, START, Jasmine House, SARSVL, SRASAC, RASASC, RASASC North Wales, WRASAC, Stepping Stones North Wales, Rothacs, Staffordshire Women's Aid, Safeline, and The Green House.

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